Hello again everybody and welcome back!!

We are proud to reopen our doors here at Starlight Dental Care for comprehensive care beginning on Wednesday June 10.

As you may know, dentists in New York state were prohibited from seeing patients for any treatment, outside of the guidelines for emergent dental care, since mid March. During this difficult period, we did our best to serve the community’s urgent dental needs, at no charge to patients, both existing and new.

As of June 1, Governor Cuomo lifted the restrictions, and with the help of CDC, OSHA, and NYS Department of Health, new guidelines were put into place to help us once again deliver excellent comprehensive care, while better protecting our patients, our team members, our families, and our community. However, the protective gear necessary to follow these guidelines has been difficult to obtain, and rearranging our office to comply with these recommendations has taken time to accomplish. Our team at Starlight Dental has spent considerable time becoming familiar with new protective gear, and we have developed a routine to strictly adhere to new protocols for infection control.

As we enter a new phase of post Covid19 life, you can be assured that Starlight Dental will be among the safest places for your dental needs. Please bear with us, as there will be changes in the way we prepare for your upcoming visits, and in the ways we treat you during those visits. Please be aware that we are doing the best we can to accommodate all of you as easily and promptly as possible, while still maintaining the highest levels of patient care.

    • Please confirm all appointments personally by phone, as we will be reviewing health history and will be asking Covid19 screening questions.
    • Please do not come in for any appointment if you are feeling unwell, if you have cough or fever. We will be happy to accommodate you at another time when you are feeling better.
    • Please do not enter the office directly upon arrival. We ask that you stay inside your car, call us when you arrive, and we will let you know when we can accommodate you inside the office. If you do not have a cell phone, or cannot contact us upon arrival, please make us aware at your confirmation call, so that we may be prepared for your arrival ahead of time.
    • Please wear a mask when you enter the office. As per mandates, all patients and team members must wear a mask while inside our facility. – We will have hand sanitizer available in the waiting room, please disinfect your hands upon entry.
    • We request that you enter the practice alone. Of course parents of minors and adults needing companions will be exceptions.
    • A contactless thermometer will be used to take your temperature, and Covid19 screening questions will be repeated. All patients and employees will be screened in the same manner. Keep in mind that these regulations are mandated, specific to dental offices, and can be found on the NYS Department of Health website.
    • At your appointment, you will also notice additional safeguards to limit aerosols during treatment, such as barriers in our treatment rooms, and you will notice we are more covered up with protective gear.

This may seem a little less personal than you are accustomed to here in our friendly office, but please know that we are happy to see you, and though you can’t see our faces, know that we are smiling under all of this equipment. Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

– Dr Charles Melton and the team at Starlight Dental Care